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My narration for a video on “The Marketing Side of Agile”

I did this voice over narration a while back, but the video was just posted today. It’s a promotional video for a the new book “Anticipate: The Architecture of Small Team Innovation and Product Success.” Now available at Amazon. More information can be found at Enjoy the video, and buy the book if you’re [...]

Video I narrated for the Boomerang Robot Valet

I was actually pretty surprised by how many videos on YouTube there are that feature my narration. Here’s one I did a while back for the Boomerang Robotic Valet parking system.

Busy voiceover week

In addition to getting the kids ready to start school this week, I picked up a couple of gigs. One of the jobs is a favorite of mine to do which is turning an ebook into and audiobook. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back here, but the authors always seem so delighted [...]

Follow Scott Selva Voice Overs on Twitter!

At the risk of creating one of the many Twitter accounts with only one tweet, I just created a Twitter account for Scott Selva Voice Overs.  So head on over to and follow me.  I promise I won’t clutter up your Twitter feed too much.

Do Not Call List video narrated by me!

I’ve been narrating a series of instructional videos for customers of Cellarama, a Canadian wireless phone retailer.  This one is geared towards Bell cell phone users and Canda’s Do Not Call List.

My audio tour of Beijing

Geogad just released a promotional video for an audio tour of Beijing for which I provided the voice over. Even though I minored in East Asian Studies at Indiana University, those Chinese pronunciations gave me fits! That’s “fits” as in “kicking-screaming-crying.” Seriously, though, it was lot of fun to work on this project, as well [...]

Angkor Wat audio tour

Planning a trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia anytime soon?  Just in case you are, allow me to heartily recommend this wonderfully narrated audio tour.   This is one that I just did for Geogad.

One night in Bangkok, and the world’s your oyster?

Sorry, couldn’t resist making a headline inspired by the 1984 hit by Murray Head. I never considered how the international current events might impact my life as a voice over artist.  I mean, besides the current global economic crisis, that is. I’m just wrapping up work on a walking audio tour of Bangkok, Thailand.  And [...]

An unplanned, and unwanted week off

People in most occupations can get a cold and still muddle through work. I’ve done it other jobs, and I sure you have too. The thing about voice work is that when I get a cold, the quality of my voice takes a nose dive. A stuffy nose dive. As much as I would like [...]

My audio tour of Hawaii

If you or somebody you know is heading to Hawaii soon, check out the sample below.  It’s a mighty fine audio tour of Hawaii Volcano National Park voiced by yours truly.