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Boy it’s hot. So, check out my narration for a holiday lights installer!

We have a heat index of 107 here in west central Indiana. I’m tying to beat the heat by thinking about the cold winter holidays. In fact, hit this link to watch a video I narrated for a holiday light installer.

My narration for a video on “The Marketing Side of Agile”

I did this voice over narration a while back, but the video was just posted today. It’s a promotional video for a the new book “Anticipate: The Architecture of Small Team Innovation and Product Success.” Now available at Amazon. More information can be found at Enjoy the video, and buy the book if you’re [...]

My voice over narration for

I can’t figure out how to embed the video, so check out the main page at and play the video there. Thanks and enjoy.

Video I narrated for the Boomerang Robot Valet

I was actually pretty surprised by how many videos on YouTube there are that feature my narration. Here’s one I did a while back for the Boomerang Robotic Valet parking system.