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Open letter to my blog

By Scott • June 22, 2010 • Filed in: Commentary

Dear Blog,

I’ve neglected you for far too long. And, for this, I apologize.

I’ve been working all along doing some really cool voiceover projects, getting some great new narration clients, and simply keeping busy. Heck, I even post on Twitter every so often.

You’ve sat there for months doing your job, being visible to the world. But, do I give you the attention you need and deserve? No.

Well, I hope to change that. On this, the first day of summer…well, second day…let this be the beginning of a new season of blogging.

Hey, I even spruced things up behind the scenes with a fresh new upgrade to WordPress 3.0 and a bunch of plugin updates. That should make up for something. Right? Oh, don’t look at me that way, Blog. I feel bad enough as it is.

Yours truly,
Scott Selva


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