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Hear your words come out of my mouth

By Scott • November 4, 2009 • Filed in: Commentary

One of my favorite projects to work on is turning an ebook that my client has written into an audiobook. Most of the time, the writer likes to have this done as an added value for their clients. In other words, the ebook is available, but clients can get the audio version bundled with the ebook for the sake of convenience. After all, it’s a lot easier to listen to the material while one is, say, driving or exercising than it is to try and read it. The printed word, of course, is great to have to refer to later.

Recently I got to work with a guy named Harry who had written a series of articles about importing goods from China. I don’t think he had ever worked with a voice over artist before. So, when I started to send him his audio, I really got a kick out of his response.

“I’m very happy with the outcome, it’s good to hear what i’ve written become audio. I’m happy I hired someone to complete this instead of trying to do it myself haha.

That’s a great attitude to keep in mind. If you’ve spent many, many hours writing a great piece of work, at the end, sure, you could record yourself reading it. You’ve probably got a USB headset you can plug into your computer that you could use. But, is that going to do justice to your hard work? Is that adding value for your fans? It’s something to think about.


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