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Learning through voice over

By Scott • March 19, 2009 • Filed in: Commentary

One of the things I love about doing voice over work is how much I learn simply from reading the scripts. I’m not referring to learning how to be a better VO artist. Yeah, there’s that too. But, I love reading a script and learning about topics that I would never have explored on my own.

I’ve learned so much about the legal system in the U.S. that I think I could probably pass the bar exam. My mother would be so proud!

I’ve gotten some good tips on training my dog. Good thing, too. I was doing it all wrong!

I’ve learned some things about internet marketing…which I really need to start doing.

Lately, I’ve been narrating audio tours of exotic locations for So, while I’ve never been to Hawaii, Angkor Wat or Beijing, I know a lot more about those place than I would have otherwise. Plus, I got in some practice pronouncing some very challenging international locations.

Now, where did I put that practice bar exam?


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